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• La ética es la base fundamental de todo negocio y actividad sostenible. Sin ética no es posible la sostenibilidad empresarial.
Carmen Rosa Perez (CERTIFICA), Guatemala / Central America

• Leading companies under these valueable principles will create real sustainable success to organizations and human beings leading to a better world for us and our grandchildren.
It is worthwhile working and consulting in that direction.
Michael Nothdurft (Minot), Schramberg / Germany

• Das Manifest beschreibt aus globaler Sicht etwas, was es gilt auf der konkreten Ebene der Unternehmensgestaltung abzubilden. Meine praktische Erfahrung dazu ist, dass die Unternehmen dadurch um Größenordnungen erfolgreicher werden und die unternehmensinterne Lebensrealität an Menschlichkeit gewinnt!
Alfred Mack, Mannheim / Germany

• After the failure of governments at the Copenhagen UN Climate Summit, it is time to advocate the Manifesto as the most needed guidelines for global action.
Meripa Weir, Samoa / Australia

• Economic institutions and activities had the gravest impact on the global life system, causing the sixth mass extinction now underway. Everyone has the responsibilities to the whole life system in space and time. Everyone must commit to the manifesto and the Declaration toward a Global Ethic. This is the holy (wholesome whole) way.
Rosan Daido (Missouri Zen Center), St. Louis / USA

• Unethical business has always caused much suffering. It is time that we no longer tolerate this.
Christof Merkli, Switzerland

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